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Financial Implications

There are some financial implications of dental implants. However, it is difficult to put a price on your health, and with Implantiem implants offering improved quality of life, increased comfort and better oral health, they may be worth it.


Quality of Life

Implants can improve your quality of life from your ability to eat and speak to changing your facial structure entirely. In many cases, patients find this is worth the increased costs associated with implant treatment.

Overall Costs

Due to the longevity of implants, in some cases it actually costs less to undergo implant treatment.

Gold Standard

In several cases, implants are recommended as the gold standard of dental care by the International Team for Implantology Treatment Guide.

Maintain your Mouth

Although the surgery for implant placement may seem intrusive, implants help maintain the bone and therefore facial structure. Additionally, neighbouring teeth are not affected like they might be with other conventional methods.

Scientific Studies

Studies have shown that a single implant will be more cost effective long term than a conventional bridge that sits on the two neighbouring teeth.Furthermore, multiple implant placements (with either fixed or removable appliances) were shown to have more improvements in quality of life associated with oral health compared to conventional treatment options, despite greater initial costs.2

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