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Benefits of Implants


Dental implant treatment offers an almost equivalent restoration of missing teeth in terms of function, strength, and aesthetics. It recovers the natural beauty of your smile, promoting higher self-esteem and an improved lifestyle.

Preserve your facial structure

When teeth are lost, the bone and gums naturally recede, and over time this can change the shape of your face. Like natural teeth, dental implants transfer chewing forces to the jaw bone, which prevents bone resorption.

Regain your smile

Prostheses based on implants are designed as a replacement for natural teeth, and as such are made to look realistic, allowing for a beautiful, comfortable smile.

Implant integration

Unlike other dental treatments that require extensive special care, an implant integrates with your body and, once healed, acts like a natural tooth root.

Quality of life

Implants can help you regain the quality of life that was lost with missing teeth. Laughing, speaking, kissing and eating, as you once did, can improve self-confidence without the ongoing discomfort that other treatment methods can yield.

Improve your lifestyle

Implants ensure a secure, comfortable fitting replacement to natural teeth that assists in proper chewing, allowing for a healthy and improved diet.

Maintenance of healthy teeth

Implants provide a solution that doesn’t cause any damage to surrounding healthy teeth, unlike conventional bridgework.

Scientifically supported

Dental implants are a well-researched treatment option, which has shown extremely positive results. It has been used and studied worldwide for decades, and today is a safe, reliable and recommended treatment option.

Implantiem implants are the chosen implant solution for clinicians in over 80 countries, and their high quality and long-term success has been verified by many research studies.

Are there any disadvantages of implants?

Placement of dental implants is a surgical procedure and as such carries certain risks. Only a dental professional can evaluate whether you are suitable for implant treatment, and certain medical conditions might rule you out of implant treatment.

In some cases, restoration of your implant and smile can be done immediately. It is not always a quick fix and in some cases, the implant requires 4-12 weeks to integrate into the bone.

Studies have shown that implants have a 97% success rate. Although, as with any medical procedure, there is always a slim chance it will not succeed

To establish if you are suitable for implant treatment, please use the ‘Find a Dentist’ feature to arrange a consultation near you.