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Reclaim your smile with Implantiem

Not having any teeth can be severely debilitating. Common problems with conventional dentures include the wearer struggling to eat or speak properly. Dentures placed with dental implants, be they permanently fixed or removable, are significantly more stable than traditional dentures.


What is an Implant Supported Denture

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Implant Supported Denture

For this procedure, two or more implants are placed, which preserve the bone and provide long-lasting support for a denture. Said denture can either be permanently fixed or removable and in some cases, temporary dentures can be provided on the day of implant placement.


While the practical purpose of teeth is their most important aspect, teeth also play a huge role in our facial aesthetics. Prosthetics based on Implantiem implants function just like natural teeth, both practically and aesthetically, returning your natural smile. This, of course, has a very positive impact on your self-confidence, self-esteem and overall mental health – A better life starts with a better smile!

Implant supported dentures not only affect the appearance of your mouth but also your face in general. The force exerted through the implants while chewing are the same as those through the roots of natural teeth, and this stimulation helps maintain the overall foundation of the jaw and, therefore, your facial structure.

Alternatives to Implant Supported Dentures


Conventional Dentures

Traditional dentures are tailor-made to form-fit the gums and any remaining teeth, forming a friction or vacuum based seal which may be supported through the use of an adhesive. However, many patients find this style of dentures to be unstable and uncomfortable, and worry about eating, speaking and other daily activities. This is why implant supported dentures are preferable.

Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures

The major advantage of implant supported dentures is of course the increased stability, which restores proper chewing and can improve speech and comfort, with less irritation of the gums. Also, as the implants replicate the roots of teeth, the forces exerted while chewing maintain the structure of the jaw and aid the aesthetic of the entire face, not just the mouth.

Also, in certain cases, an existing traditional denture can be adapted for use with implants.

Fixed or Removable?

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Removable Implant Supported Denture

Implants allow for the denture to either be removable or permanently fixed. However, a fixed denture is not always an option, and in these cases a removable denture is required. Both varieties work on the same principle, but the removable denture varies in that it has popper-type attachments called positioners which can be ‘popped’ on and off the implants at the wearer’s discretion. Many patients actually prefer this option as their dentures are then easier to clean, but for many others permanently fixed dentures are preferable as they to them feel more like real teeth.

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