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Implantiem Testimonials

“Implantiem is brilliant! As a private laboratory specialising in implants, we have seen nearly all of the implant systems available on the market and have had to plan each individual case based on each system’s components. Sadly, there are many systems that do not have the components needed to provide a suitable treatment plan and thus the cases are compromised from the start! Implantiem is one we highly recommend for 3 main reasons:

  1. They have a wide range of solutions and components and as yet all our cases have had the optimum outcome.
  2. The quality of the parts is equal to any of the most expensive systems on the market
  3. To us, equally as important as the above; their office team for ordering, their technical support and product knowledge is second to none!

This makes ordering parts simple and gives us confidence that what we need is what we get. Keep up the good work Implantiem, you are making our lives easier!”
Geo Morgan DTG, RDT – Passion Dental Design Studio

Although Implantiem does not send a load of reps for face to face contact, your customer service and the way that you look after your practitioners is second to none, and you really feel part of a larger “family”. The knowledge and experience, both clinical and technical that you all have are superb, and the speed of getting an answer back, no matter how technical, is fantastic.
Dr. Alistair S Imam BDS, FDS( RCS)

“Jason, I just wish I had listened to you when you first told me about the Implantiem system; hate to think how much that’s cost me not just in implants but in cases I could have completed in half the time!”
Dr. Paul Starrs BDS

“Friendly and helpful staff. Experienced and skilled surgeons who are always available to provide support. High quality products that has proven to be easiest system to use.”
Dr. Kamran Nezarati BDS

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