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The Advan Experience

We are so confident with the Advan concept that, unlike other implant systems, we do not require any commitment from you before or after joining us on this trip.

We would like to take you to the Advan factory and training facility in Northern Italy to experience and learn more about their products


Implantiem are offering you the experience to train with Advan at their factory in Italy. You will fly into beautiful Venice and stay in the Blu Moret Spa Hotel in Udine. This trip will include an authentic Italian wine tasting experience, followed by a training course on Saturday delivered by Advan in their facility located near the picturesque Carnice Alps. This training course will consist of both lectures and hands-on participation.

Day 1
Travel from UK to Venice and check in to the hotel in Udine

Day 2
Experience day – Wine tasting

Day 3
Advan Factory visit with a hands-on training course for experienced implant dentists
Travel back to the UK Saturday evening

This is an outline of the itinerary and is subject to change.

About Advan

Advan is a company with over 25 years of experience in research, development, and manufacturing know-how in the international implant dentistry sector. Focused on digital innovation and excellent implants, it was created to support dentists by providing high-quality products and services in an integrated flow designed for practice productivity and focused on patient care.

Born from the synergy of two important realities: the commercial and marketing strength of Astidental (a national leader in the distribution of products for dentistry) and the effectiveness and innovation, research, and development of Plan1Health (Amaro). A project that led to the birth of Advan SRL in February 2018, offering the dental sector an advanced implant system that is perfectly integrated with the digital flow.

Advan products are born from the contribution of medical and engineering know-how, creating the basis for innovative developments. The world of implantology is undergoing profound evolution. Much more than in other sectors or medical disciplines, today’s implantology requires synergistic work between all the players involved and, above all, the manufacturer of the implants.

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