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OT Equator – OT Bridge System

The partially or fully edentulous patient lives a condition of great psychological, physical and social discomfort. The role of the dentist together with the dental technician has a primary importance today. Counting on a team work by both professionals it is possible to restore the patient with “smile and function”, literally changing his life, giving an effective aesthetic and psychological rejuvenation.

The prosthetist must always realistically evaluate the best therapy according to the person’s characteristics. It will be his task to study the most suitable prosthetic project evaluating costs, benefits and patient’s expectations. Since over 39 years, Rhein83 group has invested resources and energy in researching simple, repeatable and reliable working protocols in order to make the procedures of dentists and dental technicians simple, effectice but above all free of unexpected variables.

Fixed prostheses offer a solution to edentulism while significantly improving the patient’s quality life. The research project developed in Rhein83 laboratories in cooperation with some of the most prestigious Italian dentistry universities lead to the creation of the OT BRIDGE TECHNIQUE.

This protocol is based on the narrow-profile OT EQUATOR abutment, an innovative solution in terms of design and clinical applications. Manufactured in nitride titanium, OT Equator abutment is available (compatible) for ALL brands, platforms and diameters of dental implants currently on the market, even for unknow ones.  This offers a sensible advantage to the dentists allowing to simplify the implant reprocessing cases.

The nitriding treatment provides the abutment with a surface hardness of 1600 Vickers counting on less bacterial plaque adhesion and better gingival healing when used in the immediate loading technique. The reduced diameter of the abutment and the wide choice of gingival heights (from 0.5 to 7mm) offer clinical and technical advantages both in implant retained overdenture and fixed restorations.

The OT BRIDGE technique allows to create a fixed and passive screwed dentures and, counting on the application of the SEEGER ring components, it is also possible to overcome disparallelisms up to 80° of divergence without using, and therefore managing, the correct orientation of the traditional angled MUA. This leads to a greater speed of execution and better aesthetic results due to the smaller dimensions of the OT EQUATOR abutment. In addition, the presence of the SEEGER ring allows to eliminate some of the screw holes in the aesthetic areas.

Savings in materials, instruments and working time are the fundamental aspects for the clinic and the laboratory, which can count on the use of the OT EQUATOR – OT BRIDGE technique both with traditional protocols and with a fully digital cad-cam workflow (working with all the different libraries).