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About Snucone

01 .

Acceptance Inspection of Raw Materials

Snucone use grade 4 titanium to produce their implants which has a guaranteed safety compliance with international standards. They have a team of professional inspectors to inspect the titanium to ensure they meet the high-quality standards to ensure the best standards for production.

02 .

CNC Machining

When the professional inspectors have accepted the quality of titanium, it will be sent to the highly experienced CNC machining engineers to produce the implants.


03 .

Cleaning After CNC Machining

Both the internal and external surfaces of the implants are cleaned with ultrasonic wave and steam. This is to ensure any oily substances or foreign materials generated during the CNC machining are removed.


04 .

Inspection of Machines Before Production

Snucone perform a dimension inspection as well as other various in-house inspections to supply precise and safe products of high quality.

05 .

Implants Surface Treatment

The surface of the implants are treated with authentic SLA technology (sandblasted, large grit, acid-etched). This treatment creates a roughness on the implants to enhance osseointegration through greater bone-to-implant contact.

06 .

Cleaning After Surface Treatment

Contaminants and foreign materials are removed from the implants after the surface treatment process and then transferred to a cleanroom.

07 .

Surface Inspection

After the implants have been cleaned in the cleanroom, they are fully inspected to ensure they are free from contamination and to perform a quality check.

08 .

Final Cleaning in Cleanroom

After the surface inspection, the implants are then sent back to the cleanroom to fully remove contaminants before the packing process.

09 .

Packaging in Cleanroom

The packaging process is performed in a cleanroom to ensure they protect the implants from contamination.

10 .

Gamma Sterilization

After the packaging process, gamma sterilisation is performed to ensure the removal of organic substances such as bacteria and moulds. This process yields no residual toxicity and ensures the implants are sterile and ready for the patient.

11 .

Shipping Inspection

The final step in the process is for the implants to be packaged up and shipped out. All products go through an inspection process before they leave the facility.