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Snucone Kits


A selection of tools to remove implants and fractured screws, featuring screw guides to enhance the engagement of the screw remover tools. Trephines and 3 sizes of  implant removers.


Removes excess bone  from around the neck of the Snucone implant safely, quickly and precisely.


Includes a saw for crestal relieving incisions, bur for polishing and removing exposed implant threads, a double scalpel blade holder, ridge expanders and a screw retrieval tool. Wide cover caps and bone tacks and carrier are also included.


For lateral and crestal approach sinus lifts. Also includes an aqualift tool.


The drills are designed to accurately engage in Snucone sleeves with drill depth stops on the pilot drills. A guided tissue punch, preparer drill and guided drivers for the mini and regular platforms.