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Originally posted on blog.medit.com


So you’ve finally received your Medit i500 intraoral scanner package! What’s in the box and how do you set it up? In this blog article, we give you a brief overview of what to expect in your i500 package.

Check out what’s in your i500 package in 90 seconds in the video above! For a more detailed description of each component, read on.

  • i500 Handpiece – This is the main body of the i500 scanner where you will be able to find the power button as well as the start/stop button for scanning.
  • i500 Handpiece Cover – It is important to prevent your scanner from being exposed to externalities for long periods of time. Your i500 body is hence protected by the handpiece cover to prevent it from being contaminated during transportation.
  • i500 Reusable Tips – Each i500 package comes with four reusable scanner tips. The tips should be sterilized between patients!
  • Calibration Tool – You can calibrate your i500 using the calibration tool. Calibration should be performed before the first use, as well as periodically, to ensure optimal scanning performance.
  • Desktop Cradle – Always make sure that your i500 is placed in a secure place to prevent any damage. The desktop cradle is an easy way to keep your i500 body safe on a flat surface when not in use.
  • Wall Mount Holder – Like the desktop cradle, the wall mount holder is meant to keep the i500 secure when not in use. This requires additional assembly.
  • USB Memory Stick – The USB memory stick is pre-loaded with the image acquisition software, the Medit iScan.
  • User Manual – It is important to read the user manual before using the i500 to prevent any damage or accidents. Besides teaching you how to set up the i500, the user manual also contains important information about the proper usage of the scanner.
  • Power Hub – Connects the i500 body to the power source and PC.
  • USB 3.0 Cable – To be connected to a USB 3.0 port on the PC as well as to the Power Hub.
  • i500 Medical Adapter – To be connected to the Power Hub and Power Cord
  • i500 Power Cord – To connect the medical adapter to the power source.

Now that you’ve unboxed the Medit intraoral scanner i500, it’s time to read the user manual and begin scanning!